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The scenic holiday resort Sahanlahti is located by Lake Saimaa, only 45-minute drive from Mikkeli. In Sahanlahti you will spend a relaxed holiday, enjoy first-class dining experiences or organize a memorable party in historically valuable and unique sawmill surroundings. The hillside view of the resort is a breathtaking experience and our welcoming staff will ensure that you have everything you need for a perfect holiday.

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Sleep tight in our cosy rooms and villas

Sahanlahti offers homely accommodation options with a distinctive character and on the shore of lake Saimaa. Visit our hotel Saha to stay in comfort, enjoy the nature and savour some peace and quiet in our modern villas, or experience the magic of a summer’s night in our traditional cabins. Sahanlahti can accommodate up to 60 people, and we can also arrange additional accommodation for a further 30 guests a short walk away.

You can book accommodation on Booking.com, which offers some of our rooms. If you cannot find free rooms on this service or you are planning to visit in a larger group, contact us directly.

We accommodate our guests in comfort, in modern, renovated rooms with a breath of history.

Cosy Accommodation

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Unique restaurants by Lake Saimaa

Taste something local– three superb restaurants

It is our honour to provide you with unforgettable experiences in the stunning setting of Sahanlahti on the shore of Lake Saimaa – the glinting Lake Saimaa can be seen from our restaurant tables. The history of the area, the local, organic food, wine and interesting stories are particularly close to our hearts.  The former sawmill owner’s house has been turned into the Koskivahti restaurant and it offers, with its stunning panorama terrace, unique local food – particularly fish from the lake, which is delivered by the restaurant’s own fisherman. Other restaurants at your service in Sahanlahti are easy going summer restaurant Rantamakasiini, built on the water, and Pajapirtti (open upon request) with its homely rustic atmosphere and open fireplace. 

Home-made local food

The hostess of Sahanlahti, Jaana Kuivalainen, has been working as a strong advocate of local food in our area for well over a decade, first seeking out high-quality, small-scale producers in the area and then networking with them.

Now she has her own restaurants, the network can be put to use and local food can take pride of place in the products served by three different kitchens. We want our food to bring out the history of the area, and we have such specialities as Elsa Heporauta’s (the founder of Kalevala Jewlery) recipe for sweet buns!

At our restaurants on the shore of Lake Saimaa, you can enjoy Puumala salmon caught in the lake – local food at its freshest.

Saimaa Gastronomy

Cheers Sahanlahti
Sahanlahti ecoburger
salmon pajapirtti