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Tee varaus

The Sahanlahti saunas invite you to take a bath

Enjoy a relaxing hot sauna bath and take a dip in Lake Saimaa either from the beach or through a hole in the ice in winter. You can find the sauna of your choice at Sahanlahti. You can also relax in the warmth of two hot tubs. We warmly recommend that you combine your holiday or business event with a Finnish sauna experience. 

In our Artturi sauna building, you can choose between an atmospheric smoke sauna and a large electric sauna. The sauna building Artturi has a cosy lounge and two terraces overlooking Saimaa. The lounge has modern furnishings with a fireplace, sofas, tables, a beverage refrigerator, karaoke equipment, a screen and a video projector. This is ideal for groups of friends, birthday parties, family reunions, corporate meetings, and get-togethers. 

There is also the traditional Finnish Niskalampi lakeside sauna on the shore of Sahanlahti.  

Every year, the host of Sahanlahti and his helpers build an ice sauna on the shore of Sahanlahti from the ice of Lake Saimaa, weather permitting. The ice sauna is a great experience for a sauna evening or an experience to give as a gift! In addition to the ice sauna, you will have access to the sauna building Artturi’s electric sauna and changing room. 

Book a sauna

Book your sauna from +358 40 7799 896, sales@sahanlahtiresort.fi or from hotel reception.

Janne, the host, makes sure the bathers can enjoy sweet steams.

– – Jaana, hostess of Sahanlahti