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Tee varaus

Accessibility on holiday


  • The courtyard of the restaurant is flat, paved with gravel.
  • It is possible to drive in the upper courtyard, in the immediate vicinity of the building.
  • There is no designated barrier-free parking space in the Sawmill Bay.


  • Next to the main entrance, there is a gently sloping, fixed ramp (width 115cm). The ramp has railings on both sides. 
  • The main entrance has a manual door.
  • The front door is 119cm wide and has a threshold about 3cm high. The front door leads to a porch with a small shop.
  • The porch leads to the restaurant and reception. The width of the porch door is 119cm. 

Reception and restaurant 

  • The reception desk is located just off the lobby, in the same area as the restaurant. The reception desk is 120cm high, but there is a low desk next to it. 
  • The restaurant is on one floor. There are no thresholds between restaurants. 
  • The height of the buffet table is 85cm. 
  • The tables and chairs in the restaurant are movable. 

Accessible toilet 

  • The restaurant has an accessible toilet. The width of the toilet door is 90cm. 
  • The space in front of the toilet seat is 116cm. 
  • Toilet seat height is 46mm. The toilet seat is fitted with pull-down handrails on both sides. 
  • There is also a baby changing table in the toilet. 
  • The sink is 75cm high, and the height is adjustable. There is free space under the sink. 

Saha hotel


  • The hotel building is located about 100m from the reception and restaurant building. 
  • At the entrance to the hotel, there is a fixed, rather steep ramp (width 108cm and length 363cm). 
  • The front door of the hotel opens towards the ramp, so to get through the door, you have to pass the front door. The wheelchair turning space in front of the front door is 115cm x 248cm. 
  • The front door is a wide double door with a threshold height of 3cm. 
  • There are two doors 76cm wide in front of the lobby. There are thresholds 3cm high at each door. 


  • The hotel has one accessible room (Anni). 
  • The width of the door is 81cm, and the height of the threshold is 2cm. 
  • The room has two separate 90cm beds which can be moved apart. Next to the bed, there is a space of 68cm on both sides. The bed is 55cm high, and there is 20cm of space under the bed. 
  • On the wall opposite the bed, there is a table 73cm high. Under the table, there is an empty space. There is 150cm of empty space between the table and the bed. 


  • The bathroom has a toilet and a shower. The bathroom door is 81cm wide and has a steep ramp. 
  • Toilet seat height is 48cm. The toilet seat is fitted with pull-down handrails on both sides. 
  • The shower area is 3cm lower than the rest of the bathroom floor. The size of the shower area is 90cm x 90cm. 
  • The height of the sink is 88cm. There is free space under the sink.