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The open fire restaurant Pajapirtti’s pizzas and crepes are delicious

The newly renovated Pajapirtti is now open as an open fire restaurant and pizzeria on spring weekends! 

The pizza oven at Pajapirtti serves delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas, Sahanlahti’s own Saimaa pizzas, made with the best local produce, such as local fish and pork from the neighbouring town. Our crispy pizza bases are, of course, baked in our kitchen. For dessert, you can fry your own crepes on an open fire in a long-handled skillet and add delicious toppings. 

Saimaa pizzas are also available for take-away. 

Open fire evenings in the Pajapirtti 

On theme nights, we gather around an open fire in the Pajapirtti and enjoy a dinner prepared by our chef on-site by the fire. Over dinner, we will hear stories from our guest stars as the campfire blazes and crackles. 

Be sure to book your place for dinner in advance! On theme nights, a wider menu is available instead of pizzas. 

Pajapirtti is suitable for private events 

The Pajapirtti restaurant is also ideal for private events all year round! The space can accommodate up to fifty people in total. Many lunches, dinners, birthday parties, and weddings have been held here. We will be happy to plan your event to suit the atmosphere of Pajapirtti. 

Pajapirtti opens in the fall

Lovely atmospheric space, delicious flamed salmon!

– Eija, 52 years, on holiday