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Host Janne and Hostess Jaana will take care of You while you visit Sahanlahti Resort. Step in and enjoy your stay.

Sahanlahti Resort – Old Sawmill community 

Sahanlahti is a historical sawmill community. Sahanlahti’s first sawmill was established in 1740’s and it was among the first ones of its kind in Saimaa area. The saw activity in Sahanlahti ceased in 1920’s and the last sawmill was pulled down in 1936. Nowadays the log flume in the rapids reminds our guests of the areas sawmill history.

The sawmill employed six to seven workers and it operated in two shifts. The length of a typical working day was ten hours and the work was done machine-paced. The sawing of one log took four hours, leaving the workers plenty of time to smoke their pipes and discuss the events of the day. The resort’s contemporary restaurant/reception building was originally built as a steward’s residence.

In the past, Sahanlahti’s museum building offered a home for two workers and their families. To respect Sahanlahti’s historical heritage, the resorts buildings have been named after old sawmill workers

Sahanlahti – Restaurant, hotel, saunas and harbour

Sahanlahti is a growing holiday resort in the hearth of Lake Saimaa

Jaana – Hostess and owner

"We wanted to combine the history and stories of Sahanlahti with warm hospitality and good food made with local ingretients."
- Jaana

Janne – Host

"It´s a pleasure to make sure that Your sauna is heated up properly and you have the best experience. I built an ICE SAUNA every winter! Made of Lake Saimaa ice."
- Janne

Petri – Head chef of Sahanlahti Resort

When we have the best fresh ingredients you can´t go wrong with the purest taste! We bake and make all dishes our selves in our kitchen. That´s why we always can serve only the best flavors for You!

Ella – Restaurant manager

I make sure that You have the best service and pleasant stay in our restaurants.

Mikko – Property manager

Mikko The cat wishes you warmly welcome to Sahanlahti Resort. Usually Mikko is sleeping at the entrance and wishes you a nice stay.

PS. You can pet me <3 I love it!

"Mijau" = You are welcome!

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