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Tee varaus

Sahanlahti’s food also has a story

Sahanlahti hostess Jaana Kuivalainen has been a strong advocate for local food in the region for over a decade, first by finding and networking with quality small producers in the area. Now, with its own restaurants, the network is being put to good use, and local food will have a prestigious position in the Sahanlahti kitchen. We also want to highlight the history and traditions of the region through food. For us, the story of the food is an important part of the whole. 

The D.O. Saimaa label stands for high quality and clean products from the Saimaa region!

Our trusted partners

Aittomäki vegetable farm, whose cabbages and salads travel only 8 kilometres from field to table. You won’t find a fresher salad anywhere

Puumalan Lohi produces rainbow trout. They have 100,000 employees – all of whom are fish!

Fisherman Laine from Puumala, representing a profession that is almost extinct in Saimaa (they are rarer than the Saimaa ringed seal). 

You can taste Hyvätuuli Highland‘s organic beef with the D.O. Saimaa label, for example in a burger at Rantamakasini! 

The Tiisanmäki sheep farm produces lamb and mutton entirely organically. This Savonlinna farm was also among the first to be awarded the D.O. Saimaa label! 

The Kaartila Mallaspossu pork is an absolutely delicious treat that can certainly be enjoyed more than once a summer. The pigs are fed with malt mash left over from the brewing of beer at the Saimaa Brewing Company, which makes for tender meat!

One of the prides of our kitchen is spelt bread baked with real sourdough, completely without yeast!

Petri, Chef