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Sahanlahti offers a perfect setting for  family parties and gatherings with friends

The versatile facilities of Sahanlahti, the hospitable service and the delicious meals that melt in your mouth guarantee a successful party and gatherings with family or friends. Check out our three different restaurants, the sauna building Artturi and, of course, our accommodation. Choose the right package for your occasion or contact us and let us help.

Many fond memories are created in Sahanlahti. Our facilities are suitable for small parties up to the occasion of hundreds of people. A different program and activities are also organized through us.

Even the smallest celebration or occasion is worth celebrating. From your own family saunas or a wedding party for a hundred people. Both are suitable for us.

The facilities in Sahanlahti are suitable for small and large parties

The historic milieu of Sahanlahti creates a unique setting for family celebrations, anniversaries, evening parties, bachelor parties, Christmas parties or themed parties. Our atmospheric party facilities include Restaurant Koskivahti with its halls and large terraces with views of Lake Saimaa, the atmospheric experience restaurant Pajapirtti and the Rantamakasiini with its summer terraces resting on the water.

For more informal occasions, the very relaxed sauna building Artturi is suitable, where you will find both traditional and smoke saunas, hot tubs, a cozy living room with a fireplace and two terraces overlooking Lake Saimaa. Artturi is perfect for evenings with a group of friends. The more private wood-heated sauna on the Niskalampi side, on the other hand, is well suited for smaller groups between family and friends.

In Sahanlahti, you can have a wide range of parties: staff rewards and retirements, weddings and family celebrations, birthdays, baptisms and baby showers, commemorations, student and graduation parties, class meetings and karonkas, crab parties, Christmas parties or whatever party you have!

Heartfelt service

We welcome you and are here. We are pleased to plan a nice day with you in our spectacular scenery and offer only the best delicacies, functional and clean facilities and the best service.

The entire professional staff of Sahanlahti is at your service. Our knowledgeable staff will help refine the details of the party. We will make a complete and finished whole with you and you will enjoy the anticipation of the celebration without worries!

Call or post a message and let’s start planning together! You can give ready-made frames for the occasion or leave a blank.

Handmade and locally produced food

In Sahanlahti, we prepare food ourselves from start to finish. We bake our own bread and coffee breads and prepare delicacies for lunch and dinner from local ingredients. Much of our food comes from local producers, so we know where our food comes from and what it contains. We are proud to offer the best gifts to our guests with solid professionalism. We also pay attention to special diets.