Enjoy the relaxing steam of the sauna and cool off in the clean lake

Our sauna building, named Artturi, contains a smoke sauna and an electric sauna. The traditional Finnish Niskalampi beach sauna is located on the Sahanlahti shore. We warmly recommend making a Finnish sauna experience part of your holiday or company event.

At Sahanlahti, you can also bathe in the water of two hot tubs, go paddling or swimming in Lake Saimaa from our beach and, in the winter, enjoy a refreshing ice swim. We can also provide everything you need for a sauna: towels, sauna whisks, foot baths, wash gloves and sauna honey. You can also order food and drinks from us for the sauna.


Enjoy the mild steam of the smoke sauna, splash in the hot tub and feel the refreshing embrace of Lake Saimaa.

 Artturi sauna building:
electric sauna,  smoke sauna, two hot tubs

Reserve the sauna building for you and your family, friends or colleagues. We offer various sauna packages for groups or for wedding saunas.

Artturi can offer an electric sauna and smoke sauna, terraces and a hot tub, which can be reserved together or separately. The steam rooms also have pleasant sitting areas and two terraces with views over Lake Saimaa. The modern furnishings of the sitting area include a fireplace, a suite of sofas and tables, a refrigerator for drinks, karaoke machines, a white screen and a video projector.

Sauna bookings – Artturi’s electric sauna can be booked daily by all guests in accommodation, boats and caravans in the summer season

sauanan lauteilla
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Traditional wood-burning Niskalampi sauna

The minimalist, traditional, wood-burning beach sauna on the shore of Lake Niskalampi is an experience for every Finnish traveller and, above all, for foreign visitors to Finland.

Sauna bookings in the traditional, wood-burning Niskalampi beach sauna for guests and other visitors are for 1 h and 20 minutes. 

Sauna and swimming

 Ice sauna

The Sahanlahti owner and his helpers built an ice sauna on the Sahanlahti shore for the first time last winter using ice from Lake Saimaa. We will build the sauna again this winter, and it will be ready for guests at the beginning of February, weather permitting. The ice sauna is an amazing experience. Or a pleasant experience to give as a gift.


 There are many ways to experience Finnish Sauna.
You can book the sauna just for yourself or the guests are welcome for daily sauna turns (ladies sauna and gents sauna)

  • Daily sauna for the guests in the Artturi Sauna during the summertime (check the times)
  • Book the Niskalampi Sauna building for your private use: 38 €/1 hour 30 min
  • Smoke sauna 290 € (for whole evening)
  • NEW! Hot tub 150 € or 2 hot tub 250 € (for whole evening)

Reservations: +358 40 77 998 96 or

Traditional Finnish Sauna evening

Smoke Sauna Experience