Taste something local– three superb restaurants

There are three superb restaurants at your service in Sahanlahti: Restaurant Koskivahti, with its stunning panorama terrace, Rantamakasiini, built on the water, and Pajapirtti. Restaurant Koskivahti offers delicious a la carte food and lunch with an outstanding lake view. Koskivahti is suitable for 120 persons and its famous terrace has room for 100 persons. Summer restaurant Rantamakasiini is an easy going restaurant located in Sahanlahti’s harbor. Here you’ll enjoy summery food and refreshments on a sunny dock terrace. Rantamakasiini is suitable for 60 persons and its terrace has room for 60 persons. Restaurant Pajapirtti is open for groups upon a request. Pajapirtti is an excellent place to finish a successful conference day or organize a memorable party.

At our restaurants on the shore of Lake Saimaa, you can enjoy Puumala salmon caught in the lake – local food at its freshest.

Indulge your senses at Koskivahti restaurant, in the main building, with the à la carte delights created by our chefs among Finland’s most beautiful scenery.
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Terrace view Koskivahti

In the sunny and relaxed atmosphere of Rantamakasiini, you can enjoy fresh summer drinks and the variety of dishes cooked by our chefs on the unique pier terrace.
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Rantamakasiini terace

Pajapirtti is the perfect place to round off a successful day of meetings or arrange an unforgettable celebration in a unique setting. The restaurant is open on request.
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pajapirtti sahanlahti resort

Good food tells a genuine story

Every visit to Sahanlahti restaurant is a tale in itself, a unique series of events formed from hidden details. The most important of these details are the high-quality, fresh and local products. Our story is essentially shaped by the combination of wholesome ingredients and the skilful people who grow and provide them. The dedication of the producers, our own sense of responsibility, and the ethical standards of the operations as a whole can be clearly seen, and tasted.

Our story starts with individuals–enthusiastic and sincere people who take their own work and products very seriously. We hope that each and every one of our customers can happily experience their own story. The main focus is on food, drink, the service, and the people behind the whole experience: the historic milieu, the beautiful Saimaa landscape, and the relaxed atmosphere. This is definitely a story that you will want to pass on. We wish all our visitors a wonderful time!

We make food from clean ingredients supplied by small local producers, and the food is home-made on site.

Dining in Sahanlahti is a story