Restaurant Pajapirtti

Pajapirtti, with its homely rustic atmosphere, is open to groups by reservation all year round. Pajapirtti is the perfect place to round off a successful day of meetings or arrange an unforgettable wedding or other celebration in a unique setting. The space can accommodate up to 55 people. The heart of Pajapirtti is the open fire, which is right in the centre of the restaurant, creating a distinctive atmosphere. Local Puumala salmon, roasted by the fire, will charm guests time and again. For dessert, try the delicious pancakes cooked over the fire.

The Pajapirtti restaurant, with Puumala salmon cooked by an open fire, represents local food at its best: the distance from the water to the table is only 6 km.

We make food from clean ingredients supplied by small local producers. You will taste the difference.

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salmon pajapirtti