Accommodation in Sahanlahti

Sahanlahti offers homely accommodation options with a distinctive character. Visit our Saha hotel by the lakeside to stay in comfort, enjoy the nature and savour some peace and quiet in our modern villas, or experience the magic of a summer’s night in our traditional cabins. Sahanlahti can accommodate up to 60 people, and we can also arrange additional accommodation for a further 30 guests a short walk away.

You can also plot a course to our guest marina or set yourself up in our caravan area. Our accommodation facilities have been built to respect the atmosphere of historical Sahanlahti, and they are named after former residents of the sawmill.  The prices of villa, hotel and cabin accommodation include a hotel breakfast, bed linen and made-up beds, and final cleaning. In the winter, villa accommodation does not include breakfast.

NEW: Kuoreksenniemi Villas & Lakehouse

 The villas and lakehouse in Kuoreksenniemi are located only 2 km away from Sahanlahti Resort. The villas are semi-detached houses with a panoramic view of Saimaa, and each features a large, private terrace and a sauna. The clever design of the villas ensures that visitors can enjoy peace and quiet in their backyard. The flats are located in a beach house that was completed in 2014.

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You can book accommodation on, which offers some of our rooms. If you cannot find free rooms on this service or you are planning to visit in a larger group, contact us directly.


Sahanlahti Resort area:
9 x hotel rooms for 2 (twin & double)
2 x Villa for 1-5 persons (with sauna)
3 x Villa 1-4 persons

Kuoreksenniemi area:
4 x villas for 6 persons
2 x Lakehouse superior for 4 persons
1 x Lakehouse studio for 2 persons

Together 70 persons + summer accommodation (caravan area etc.). and extra beds

We accommodate our guests in comfort, in modern, renovated rooms with a breath of history.

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