A greeting from the family

It is our honour to provide you with unforgettable experiences in the stunning setting of Sahanlahti on the shore of Lake Saimaa. The history of the area, the local, organic food, wine and interesting stories are particularly close to our hearts.

At Sahanlahti, we value old-fashioned hospitality. We take pleasure in welcoming guests and we are here to help. We will be happy to help you plan an enjoyable day in our stunning surroundings, offering only the best delicacies in a functional, clean environment with top-quality service.

You are warmly wellcome to our guest

Jaana & Janne Kuivalainen

Cheers Sahanlahti
Terrace view Koskivahti
At your service Sahanlahti

Lunch on a terrace on the shore of Lake Saimaa

On a sunny summer’s day, a lakeside table on the terrace of the main building at Sahanlahti is worth waiting for.
There are gorgeous landscapes and a superb atmosphere, unlike anywhere in the world, say our guests!

But the glinting Lake Saimaa can be seen from other restaurant tables, can’t it?
The former sawmill owner’s house has been turned into the Koskivahti restaurant, which offers unique local food – particularly fish from the lake, which is delivered by the restaurant’s own fisherman.

What happens in the summer in the historical surroundings of the sawmill?
“Parties, holidays, gourmet food, organic burgers and relaxing on the shore. People paddle along the old timber rafting route, stay overnight at the Sahankylä villa or on the caravan site, go for a sauna at Niskalampi or in the Artturi smoke sauna…”

Boaters also enjoy visiting the Sahanlahti guest harbour in the summer.